Business Analysis course help you gain practical skills to increase efficiency through business process improvement with Business Analysis training courses.

Business Analysis Course
Volume -1
Module 1: Business Analysis
Module 2: The Competencies of a Business Analyst
Module 3: Organizational Structure
Module 4: Stakeholder Analysis and Management
Module 5: Team Role Responsibilities
Module 6: Elicitation Techniques
Module 7: User Stories
Module 8: Mind Map
Module 9: Reverse Engineering
Module 10: Storyboards/Screen Flows
Module 11: Survey/Questionnaire
Module 12: Requirement
Module 13: Negotiation
Module 14: Forms of Communication
Module 15: Interactive & Incremental Life Cycle
Module 16: Agile Software Development
Module 17: Strategy Analysis
Module 18: Deming’s PDCA Cycle
Module 19: Benchmarking & Process Improvement
Module 20: How to Write a Gap Analysis
Module 21: Acceptance Testing
Module 22: Testing’s Performed during Development
Module 23: Software Configuration Management
Module 24: Business Rules

Volume -2

Module 1: The Activity Diagram
Module 2: Business & Restaurant Case study
Module 3: Unified modeling language
Module 4: Use case
Module 5: Identifying the types of UML Diagrams
Module 6: Viewing a software system Architecture
Module 7: Simplified loan processing System
Module 8: Collaboration Diagram
Module 9: Sequence Diagrams
Module 10: Nodes
Module 11: Deployment Diagrams
Module 12: Components
Module 13: State Diagrams
Module 14: Packages
Module 15: Estimating software via cases
Module 16: Performing a Domain Analysis
Module 17: Security
Module 18: Gathering system Requirements
Module 19: Getting into interactions and state changes
Module 20: Designing look, Feel and Deployment
Module 21: Decision trees
Module 22: Requirements Troubleshooting Guide
Volume -3
Module 1: Swot Analysis
Module 2: Dealing with Vendors RFPs and RFIs
Module 3: Business and Financial Case
Module 4: Prioritizing Requirement
Module 5: COTS Vendor Selection Criteria & Simplifying Vendor selection Criteria
Module 6: Competitor Analysis
Module 7: Usability Testing
Module 8: Implementation of Change
Module 9: 30 Commandments for B.A
Module 10: Template for Proposals
Module 11: Robustness Analysis
Module 12: Alfa Computer Case study
Module 13: Business Modeling Checklist

Pay Roll Case Study as per Rational Software Template